Activated Carbon Applications

There are many different requirements, reasons, processes, and uses for activated carbon (activated charcoal). While the uses are quite distinctively different, the advantages are similar; environmentally friendly, resourceful, cost effective and results driven.

Whether it be a home or office water filtration system or a large scale manufacturing plant, activated carbon could be the most positive solution to your business needs.

Activated carbon is used in nearly all of New Zealand’s primary industries and for a number of different reasons. If you would like to order our Activated Charcoal Air PurifierActivated Charcoal Capsules, Powdered or Granulated Activated Carbon you can order online. If you need larger quantities, please contact Grant on 021 434 392.

Activated Carbon in Air and Water Purification

Air and water purification is the most commonly recognized and utilized process in residential, industrial and municipal settings.

 In air purification activated carbon (activated charcoal) is capable of removing unwanted moisture, odors, chemicals, volatile organic toxins, fumes and general gas emissions that can be harmful to all life forms, the environment, and are unsanitary, potentially toxic and undesirable.

Activated carbon (activated charcoal) in water purification has the capacity to remove both organic and inorganic components, (heavy metals, bacteria, pathogens, viruses etc.) removing potential harm to our environment, wildlife and people. Activated carbon improves the taste and clarity, and it is invaluable in industrial settings due to its adsorbancy and effectiveness.

Activated Carbon in our Food and Beverage Industry

Our food and beverage industry is a prime user of activated carbon. From processing sweeteners, vegetable oils, and fruit-based beverages to the manufacturing of food additives; Activated carbon plays a vital role in the production of these products to ensure they are fit for human consumption.

Even in the fermentation process of our favourite alcoholic beverages we can thank activated carbon for removing further sulphides/formaldehyde which cause hangovers.

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Land Remediation using Activated Carbon

Soil is a non-renewable natural resource that requires careful stewardship. Industrial, forestry and agricultural activity is often detrimental to soil health, and can distribute heavy metals, and toxins into the sol environment, with harmful effects on human and ecosystem health. Environmental pollution threatens soil and water resources. The pollutants may enter the environment through natural processes and anthropogenic activities such as industrial emissions, domestic sewage discharge, forestry and agricultural activities. As our raw material sourced to produce our activated carbon is forestry waste, it is economical and environmentally friendly and is an effective additive for carbon sequestration.

Microbial bioremediation is a sustainable, healthy alternative to traditional physical or chemical remediation technologies.

By using activated carbon for remediation, it can lead to a green and sustainable solution making the land more profitable, more yielding and healthier to live off. Activated carbon has superior physiochemical properties such as high catalytic activity, unique nanostructure, large specific surface area, and high mobility in the soil environment which make it ideal for pollution remediation.

Activated Carbon in our Beauty and Health Industries

Activated carbon is used in beauty products because of its ability to draw out toxins, dirt and oil from the skin without damage. With the additional benefit of antibacterial properties, it is favored in anti-aging and acne treatment products.

In a health capacity, activated carbon acts as a fast and efficient antidote for many types of drug overdoses and poison consumptions. Taken orally it can impede the absorption of harmful toxins into the bloodstream. For more information on how you can use our product for health, refer to our health benefits page.