Activated Carbon Applications

There are many different requirements, reasons, processes, and uses for activated carbon. While the uses are quite distinctively different, the advantages are similar; environmentally friendly, resourceful, cost effective and results driven.

Whether it be a home or office water filter system or a large scale manufacturing plant, activated carbon could be the positive solution to your business needs.

Activated carbon is used in nearly all of New Zealand’s prime industries and for a number of different reasons...

Activated Carbon in Air and Water Purification

Air and water purification is the most commonly recognised and utilised process in residential and municipal settings. It is capable of removing unwanted odours and general gas emissions that can be harmful, unsanitary and undesirable.

Air and water purification has the capability to remove both organic and inorganic components from potential harm to our environment, wildlife and humanity. When used in industrial settings its effectiveness can have the desired results, however for the treatment of flue gas and other harmful pollutants additional methods are frequently required.

Activated Carbon in our Food and Beverage Industry

Our food and beverage industry would be one of the prime users of activated carbon. From sweeteners, vegetable oils, fruit based beverages to manufacturing of food additives. Activated carbon plays a vital role in the production of these products to ensure they are fit for human consumption.

Even in the fermentation process of our favourite alcoholic beverages we can thank activated carbon for removing further contributions/side effects which cause hangovers.

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Metal Extraction using Activated Carbon Injection (ACI)

In oil and coal-fuelled power plants, the exhaust gases often secrete high levels of mercury and other pollutants. In order to reduce these levels to comply with EPA standards, a process called activated carbon injection (ACI) can be used. ACI is the injection of a powdered form of activated carbon, (known as PAC) applied to the source of the gas to absorb the waste in a physical form ready to safely discard.

Activated Carbon in our Cosmetic and Medical Industry

Activated carbon is used in cosmetic products because of its ability to withdraw toxins, dirt and oil from the skin without damage. With the additional benefit of antibacterial properties it is favoured in anti-aging and acne prone treatment products.

In a medical capacity activated carbon taken correctly under medical supervision acts as a fast and efficient aid to many types of drug overdoses and poison consumptions. Taken orally it can stop the absorption of these harmful toxins into the bloodstream.