High Grade Biochar explanation

High-Grade Biochar

  • Improves soil moisture retention
  • Increases organic material in soil
  • Enhances resistance to pests
  • Accelerates growth by nutrient transfer
  • Improves plants resistance to diseases and pathogens
  • Increases carbon content of soil
  • Reduces Nitrogen leaching
Vegetable garden

Application Rates

Recognized as a valued product in soil revitalization and regeneration. Used in home garden, market gardens, vineyards, orchards & agriculturally. 

Vegetable Gardens, Planter Boxes, Lawns & Flower Beds: 1.5 Litres per square metre
Garden Trees & Shrubs: 1.5 Litres per square metre
Potting medium: -10% of mass Volume
Large Horticulture: 1-2 cubic metre per hectare 


The Use of Biochar in Composting

Although Biochar and compost use organic wastes as feedstocks, the two do not have to be an either-or option; instead, they can be combined for synergistic production and utilization. 

The benefits of adding biochar to the composting process include: 

  • Shorter composting time
  • Reduced rates of GHG emissions (methane, CH4 and Nitrous oxide, N2O)
  • Reduced Ammonia losses
  • Reduced odour

For the Biochar material itself, undergoing composting helps to charge the biochar with nutrients. 

High-Grade Biochar

Product Name: High grade Biochar Soil Enhancer

How to Apply: An essential step to properly using Biochar, is to charge the Biochar with either compost or organic fertilizer, before applying to your garden. 

Mix your Biochar with compost & let it sit for 10 days. A 50/50 mix of Biochar & compost works well, or use an organic liquid fertilizer, such as blood & bone or seaweed & mix thoroughly before adding to your soil. 

Top Dressing: simply spread charged Biochar on top of the soil & water after application. To build up soil fertility overtime by adding 80% compost & 20% Biochar to top of soils as required. 

Tillng: Use a tiller & mix into the soil at root level. 

Hand Mix: If planting in pots, work the Biochar around in the soil with hands or a small gardening fork

Bag Sizes: 7.5 Litres & 50 Litres