Biochar for Gardening - High Grade Biochar & Horticultural Soil Enhancer

High Grade Biochar

Recognized as a valued product in soil revitalization and regeneration. Used in home garden, market gardens, vineyards, orchards & agriculturally. 

  • Improves soil moisture retention
  • Increases organic material in soil
  • Enhances resistance to pests
  • Accelerates growth by nutrient transfer
  • Improves plants resistance to diseases and pathogens
  • Increases carbon content of soil
  • Reduces Nitrogen leaching

Application Rates

Vegetable Gardens, Planter Boxes, Lawns & Flower Beds: 1.5 Litres per square metre
Garden Trees & Shrubs: 1.5 Litres per square metre
Potting medium: 10% of mass Volume
Large Horticulture: 1-2 cubic metre per hectare 

High Grade Biochar explanation

The Use of Biochar in Composting

Although Biochar and compost use organic wastes as feedstocks, the two do not have to be an either-or option; instead, they can be combined for synergistic production and utilization. 

The benefits of adding biochar to the composting process include: 

  • Shorter composting time
  • Reduced rates of GHG emissions (methane, CH4 and Nitrous oxide, N2O)
  • Reduced Ammonia losses
  • Reduced odour

For the Biochar material itself, undergoing composting helps to charge the biochar with nutrients. 

Do you require High-Quality Activated Carbon/Charcoal or Biochar?

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How to Apply High Grade Biochar

An essential step to properly using Biochar is to charge the Biochar with either compost or organic fertilizer, before applying to your garden.

Mix your Biochar with compost & let it sit for 10 days. A 50/50 mix of Biochar & compost works well or use an organic liquid fertilizer, such as blood & bone or seaweed & mix thoroughly before adding to your soil. 

Top Dressing: simply spread charged Biochar on top of the soil & water after application. To build up soil fertility overtime by adding 80% compost & 20% Biochar on top of soil as required. 

Tiling: Use a tiller & mix into the soil at root level

Hand Mix: If planting in pots, work the Biochar around in the soil with hands or a small gardening fork

High-grade Biochar

High Grade Biochar

Bag Size: 7.5 Litres & 50 Litres