High Grade Biochar

Spring is upon us!!

Time to get back into the garden, add our HIGHGRADE Biochar to new or existing gardens for bigger, happier, healthier plants.

7.5L High Grade Biochar was $37.50 NOW $30.00.

Be quick offer ends 30th of September

Our Biochar is a natural soil enhancer produced from local forestry waste. Composed of highly porous charcoal, Biochar revitalizes soil by boosting nutrient transfer and increasing soil organic matter.

Our high-grade Biochar features a vast surface area providing efficiencies in application and is a natural and environmentally friendly way to improve garden and pasture soil.

To order by the cubic meter email;  for pricing or phone Grant to discuss your requirements on +6421434392

Recognized as a valued product in soil revitalization and regeneration.

Used in the home garden, agriculture and horticulture:
  • Retains soil moisture
  • Increases organic material in soil
  • Enhances resistance to pests
  • Accelerates growth by increasing nutrient transfer
  • Makes plants more resistant to diseases and pathogens
Beneficial in compost:
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • Prevents loss of nutrients from composted material
  • Promotes microbial activity which in turn accelerates the composting process
  • Reduces the composts ammonia losses, bulk density, and odour

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  1. Bruce

    High recommend,my lawn is now amazing

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