High Grade Biochar

High-Grade Biochar For Horticulture or An Animal Feed Additive

Our Biochar is produced from local forestry waste in Taupo the Heart of Aotearoa NZ.

Composed of highly porous charcoal, Biochar revitalizes soil by boosting nutrient transfer, water retention and increasing soil organic matter.

Improves animal health by promoting weight gain, aids digestion, boosts immunity, enhances gut microbial fermentation, ultimately improves health and productivity.

A 100% natural, environmentally friendly way to improve plant/ pasture/ soil and animal health.

To order by the cubic meter email sales@acnz.nz  for pricing or phone Grant to discuss your requirements on +6421434392


Beneficial in Compost:

  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Prevents loss of nutrients from composted material
  • Promotes microbial activity which in turn accelerates the composting process.
  • Reduces the composts ammonia losses, bulk density, and odor.

Beneficial in Animal bedding:

  • Reduces odors
  • wicks away moisture
  • improves hygiene through ammonia reduction
  • lessens incidence in footpad diseases in poultry.
  • improves health and issues related to manure production.

5 reviews for High Grade Biochar

  1. Bruce

    High recommend,my lawn is now amazing

  2. Louise

    Do you have any pictures of the actual product (inside the bags). Bit hard to see how big the biochar bag is, is the biochar little bits like charcoal or is it a powder. Thanks very much.

  3. Maxine

    Hi Louise,
    Biochar bag is 7.5 L the Biochar is quite chunky not a powder, the fragments are similar to charcoal but with more variation in size (roughly 1mm-10mm)

  4. Maxine

    The biggest killer of horses is Colic, seconded by Laminitis. Laminitis is commonly thought to be a disease of the feet, but it is also related to gut health. High sugar levels in grasses is the main cause of laminitis, which overloads the hindgut, upsetting the flora & causing the gut to become acidic, which leads to Laminitis. Biochar assists with the removal of myotoxicity from endophytes within pastures and feeds. There is a significant relationship between gut health, & hoof health, and also neurological health, removing myotoxicity will help horses become calmer and more focused on training. Horses will naturally self-medicate if they have a choice, but because of restricted fodder selection, management practices, climate etc. it is hard for them to do so, that’s why i recommend making High Grade biochar available either in daily feed or ad lib to all horses.

  5. Beth wilson

    Some of my horses look the best they have ever looked just two weeks after I started feeding biochar.

  6. Maxine

    In January i was given a horse that had had very little work in approx. 2 years due to behavioral issues and injuries from freaking out and going through a fence. At first i could barely get a bridle on her, she was very tense, always hyper alert thinking the boogey man was in every shadow, she was impatient when asked to stand still or being led, held her head very high, and her muscles (particularly in her neck) would twitch like she had flies landing on her. Within a week of supplementing her food with Biochar, she was relaxing, lowering her head, and started being more patient, she was visibly starting to change her topline- the dip in her neck just before her withers ( which i suspect was caused by her holding her head in a tense upright position) was gradually beginning to fill in, she was no longer tense in her muscles and had stopped the muscle twitches.
    Due to a previous bowed tendon, and hock injuries in both hind legs, i began gentle in hand work for 15-20 mins each day. When first saddled she would turn towards her stomach (girthy) as if she had discomfort and sometimes stomp her feet. This behavior ceased within days. My suspicion is that she possibly had undiagnosed stomach ulcers which is not uncommon, particularly in Thorobreds. Now almost 2 months on she is being ridden 3-4 times per week and is a different horse, the pushy, impatient, marish TB behavior is a thing of the past, she calmly faces any new challenge, her coat is sleek and shiny, her topline has filled out, her pot belly has gone, and she is overall a much happier healthier horse with a willing, calm disposition.
    Biochar has played an important role in her transformation, ridding her body of the grass and feed toxins has probably had a major impact on her neurological health, also having a healthy intestinal and gut microbiome has made her a happy healthier horse. Thanks ACNZ!

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