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High-Grade Biochar & Wound Powder

High-Grade Biochar

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  • Support long-term gut health
  • Increase feed & energy efficiency
  • Reduce agitation and stress
  • Reduce hoof issues
  • Improve overall health & Appearance
  • 100% Natural & Sustainable

100% Natural Feed Additive

At certain times of the year, particularly spring & autumn elevated nitrate and carbohydrate levels and endophytes or fungi containing mycotoxins commonly occur in grasses. These can linger for several years in hay and grain-based feeds harvested off high-nitrate and high endophyte plants.

Mycotoxins are compounds in the fungi that interfere with a horse’s digestive system and well being. They can affect a horse’s nervous system and make them agitated and flighty. In severe cases, mytoxicity can contribute towards laminitis, skin itch, allergies, weight loss, scours and reproductive disorders.

High-grade Biochar is a toxin binder that assists with the removal of plant potencies and plant toxins. 

Using Biochar as a feed additive has a flow of effect in soil conditions as it is passed through the animal in the dung and back onto pasture. This can improve the soils health and fertility by better soil moisture retention, increased aggregate stability, enhanced nutrient content and increased microbial habitat.

When in the manure heap from mucking out stalls, it reduces the odor and accelerates the composting process.

Easily feed daily as maintenance or ad-lib for horses out in the pasture.

Activated Charcoal 100% Natural Wound Powder

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  • First aid Treatment for Cuts, Scrapes, Bites, Stings, Abrasions and Mud Fever
  • Topically extracts toxins, allergens and irritants from the wound to ensure the healthiest possible conditions and optimal healing times.
  • Easy to apply straight from palm sized puffer bottle directly onto affected area.
  • 100% Natural

High-Grade Biochar

High-grade Biochar

Product Name: High grade Biochar Animal Feed Addictive

Recommended feeding rate: 10 grams (approx. 1/4 cup) of Biochar per 1 kg of dry matter fed (sweet feed, chaff, etc.). Alternatively, Biochar can be use ad-lib in the stable or pasture by placing in a tub that the horse/pony has access to at free will.

Biochar can be also added to the water troughs.

Bag Size: 7.5 Litres

Activated Charcoal Wound Powder

Product Name: Activated Charcoal Wound Powder

Great for cuts, scrapes, infections and mud fever. Simple and easy to use in a convenient sized bottle that fits in the palm of your hand, perfect for the first aid kit or medicine cabinet.

Weight: 50 grams

The Natural sustainable way to better health and performance

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