Activated Carbon Benefits

Activated Carbon NZ manufactures and supplies activated carbon (commonly known as activated charcoal) in amounts from 70grams and beyond. We provide the best service, advice and quality product, no matter if you’re an individual, or full-scale industrial processing plant.

The benefits of activated carbon stem from its structural and physical properties, which are a result of the very special production process. All our activated carbon starts out as waste from New Zealand’s timber industry.

Activated Carbon has an Extraordinary Surface Area

The key defining feature of activated carbon is that it has an almost unbelievable surface area. Just one teaspoon (5 ml) of activated carbon has a surface area of between 1 and 2 hectares (10,000 m² – 20,000 m²).

Adsorbance (as opposed to absorbance) is the measure of how much microscopic matter can stick to a surface. It stands to reason that something with a super-high surface area can have a lot of stuff stick to it. It’s activated carbon’s superior adsorbance that gives it unparalleled filtering properties. 

Activated Carbon has Clinical Purity

The activation stage of activated carbon involves very high temperatures without burning (oxidising) the material. These temperatures evaporate most  elements and leave a product that is made up of approximately 95% carbon, 5% oxygen, and trace amounts of other elements. 

That is why Activated Carbon is the most commonly used adsorbent, and is called the universal antidote.

The activated carbon is an effective adsorber of impurities, so anything that’s left besides carbon after activation is completely bound to the product. It’s pure because it’s a purifier!

Activated Carbon is Non-Toxic

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Activated carbon (activated charcoal) is used in food & beverage processing, beauty products and as a health supplement. When consumed as per directions, it passes easily through the body, adsorbing whatever is in your gut at the time. On the skin, activated carbon removes impurities more effectively than regular cleansing ingredients, with the unique ability to remove toxins, oils, and dirt. Activated charcoal is odorless, tasteless, and non-toxic and is an effective ingredient in a number of common external applications. Its ability to detoxify naturally makes it safe to use in the treatment of insect bites, athletes’ foot and acne. Activated Charcoal can inactivate viruses, remove heavy metals such as mercury, copper, arsenic, and lead, it is antibacterial and antifungal.


All Activated Carbon Produced At ACNZ Is compliant certified with:
EN12915: Products Used For Treatment Of Water Intended For Human Consumption