Activated Carbon and Activated Charcoal Products Available Now

For smaller quantities of our New Zealand made Activated Charcoal online ordering is available below. We provide wholesale prices per tonne, if you are interested in ordering between 4kg to 1 tonne or more, please contact Grant on 021 434 392.

Customise Your Activated Carbon Order

The best product for your application or use will depend on the characteristics or different forms/grades of activated carbon (activated charcoal) you may need. We can tailor-make activated carbon/charcoal to suit most uses. We can even add additives, like Zeolite, to enhance and compliment both these qualities. Our Super Fine Powdered Activated Carbon is mostly used for the food and beauty industries, commonly going into soaps, candles, face masks, teeth whitening. Talk to us about our new Activated Charcoal Supplement Capsules.