Welcome to Activated Carbon NZ

We are New Zealand’s leading company in the production of activated carbon. Our product is made from an organic waste material, sawdust. It is manufactured via an appropriate activation technique that cleans out the cellular structure of the wood to leave us with a high quality, high adsorption activated carbon.

About ACNZ

ACNZ is a small and highly innovative carbon-producing pioneer company. Being exclusively New Zealand owned, we are the only company in New Zealand producing activated carbon from the significant and abundant bi products and waste produced by the forestry, logging and milling industries. All other activated carbon in New Zealand has been imported to date.

Activated Carbon Applications


Activated carbon is used in a wide variety of industries ranging from the metal extraction industry to the cosmetic and medical industries.

Water & Air Purification Industries
Metal Recovery Industries
Food & Beverage Industries
Cosmetic & Medical Industries



A few photos of our plant, manufacturing process and surrounding forests.