About Us

ACNZ is a small and highly innovative carbon-producing pioneer company. Being exclusively New Zealand owned, we are the only company in New Zealand producing activated carbon from the significant and abundant bi products and waste produced by the forestry, logging and milling industries. All other activated carbon in New Zealand has been imported to date.

Our company (incorporated in December 2016) is located alongside our plant in Taupo. The location was chosen due to the proximity of the forestry/ milling industries in the region. We have faced enormous and diverse challenges to get us to our current production phase where we are now producing the country’s highest quality granulated activated carbon (GAC).

Our product is made from organic Pinus Radiata waste sawdust. It is manufactured via a complex activation technique which basically cleans out the cellular structure of the wood to leave us with an extremely high quality and highly adsorbent activated carbon.

The use and benefits of activated carbon cannot be underrated in its ability to combat environmental pollution. It is extensively used in water and air purification filters; it is used in metal recovery; the food and beverage industry and the cosmetic and medical industries. We are very proud to state that our product rates in the highest quality category and will be used for the improvement of life quality both nationally and internationally.