PAC – Powdered Activated Carbon 1kg (35×635 US mesh)

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PAC-Powered Activated Carbon is used for a wide range of industrial and domestic applications, it is most effective as a dosing agent, used with filters or where filters may not be present.


Water purification

  • Municipal drinking water treatment
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Taste and odor control
  • Chlorine removal
  • Small or large aquariums


Food technology processes

  • Decaffeination
  • Decoloring
  • Juice and liquor clarification


Chemical industry processes

  • Hydrocarbon adsorption
  • Firefighting PFOS, PFOA foam contaminant removal
  • Spill kits


Land Remediation

  • Soil Stabilizer
  • Soil decontamination
  • Leachate removal


This product is compliant with:

EN12915: Products used for treatment of water intended for human consumption.


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1 review for PAC – Powdered Activated Carbon 1kg (35×635 US mesh)

  1. Anonymous

    Have been using PAC to put in farm water troughs, they usually build up with algae and slime over there summer, after emptying and dosing the surface with the PAC the clarity of the water is amazing! Even weeks later, so good in fact,that I can even drink out of them.

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