Did you know Carcinogens are in our midst?

We tend to think that all body care products are safe, but for many of us it comes as a shock that the most toxic chemicals are hidden in our bathroom cabinets.

Anything that leads to cancer is known as a carcinogen. Does the skin absorb enough known carcinogens to really matter? Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and it absorbs a lot. But absorbency is not really the problem, permeability is. Your skin is permeable, meaning it not only absorbs substances it contacts, but allows them through the skin and into other tissues such as the subcutaneous fatty layer. Because many known carcinogens are fat soluble this presents a huge problem.

A quick simple way to test your skins absorbency ,try this : rub a clove of garlic on the sole of your foot for a few minutes, and see how long it is before you can taste garlic in your mouth, most people it takes less than 3 minutes!

Here is list of common Carcinogens:

  1. Formaldehyde – Frequently used as preservative, and not just for corpses! Formaldehyde is common in nail polish, shampoo, baby wash, body rinses, facial cleansers, and eye shadow.
  2. Phthalate – A endocrine disrupting chemical linked to emasculating hormones in boys, these are common in plastic containers, perfumes, deodorants, hair sprays, and soaps.
  3. Parabens – culprits in breast and other cancers, parabens are common in skin care, cosmetics, body washes and other body care products.
  4. Synthetic colours – These colouring dyes are common in hair colouring shampoo, and conditioning products as well as many cosmetics.
  5. Synthetic fragrances – Fragrance blends are protected as proprietary formulas so can be any number of about 4,000 chemicals. Almost all home products contain artificial fragrance.
  6. Pesticides – Pesticides are so poorly regulated that many products containing rice, cottonseed oil, corn, soy, or oatmeal products show contamination in measurable amounts in the bottles in your homes.
  7. Triclosan – inflammatory and hormone disrupting, these chemicals are common in antibacterial bathroom products even in toothpaste and deodorants.
  8. Propylene Glycol – designed to penetrate the skin, this has links to liver cancers and more. Look for it in sunscreen, moisturises, lotions, makeup, and hair products.
  9. Toluene – A serious toxin that affects the central nervous system this is found in nail polish, hair colouring and more.
  10. Alkylphenols – The family of chemicals that BPA is found, you’ll find this in surfactants and plastics in most bathrooms.
  11. Sodium laurel sulphate – Almost 50% of the volume in most cleaning and personal care products SLS and SLE5 affects are widespread.
  12. Benzenes and other Sunscreens – Known to affect the thyroid and correlate with higher skin cancers, these chemicals are found in anything with SPF.

If this seems like too much information, try to improve just one product each shopping trip. Every small change helps improve your family’s health. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of poison that surrounds you, rest assured that here at ACNZ we endeavour to bring you only pure, natural, non-carcinogenic products, by using ingredient such as our charcoal powder, essential oils, & witch hazel etc. We will be increasing our natural range as we develop more products.

Buy our handcrafted soaps or use Activated Charcoal to make your own DIY deodorants, toothpaste etc recipes can be found on YouTube and google.

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