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Activated Carbon NZ Ltd

100% Made By Kiwi’s For Kiwis In Taupo, The Heart Of Aotearoa, New Zealand.

New Zealand Made

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Read how we’re turning waste sawdust into Activated Carbon

We are the only New Zealand Company producing Activated Carbon, also known as Activated Charcoal.

Our product is made from Pinus Radiata, a biproduct from our local forestry industry. The Pinus Radiata material is converted to Activated Carbon through a pyrolysis process producing high quality, high adsorption, activated carbon. Our carbon is commonly used in air treatment, water treatment, mineral & chemical recovery & decolorization.

About ACNZ

ACNZ is a small and highly innovative carbon-producing pioneer company. Being exclusively New Zealand owned, we are the only company in New Zealand producing activated carbon/ high-adsorbance charcoal from the significant and abundant waste produced by the forestry, and milling industries. All other activated carbon/charcoal in New Zealand has been imported to date.

Activated Carbon/Charcoal Products

Activated carbon/ charcoal and Biochar are used in a wide variety of industries ranging from land remediation, air and water purification, food and beverage, beauty and health, agriculture and horticulture.

If you require larger quantities than what is available on our website please contact us.

High-Grade Biochar

Our High-Grade Biochar production is a carbon negative process which means that it actually reduces CO2 in the atmosphere. The sawdust used to produce our Biochar would release higher amounts of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere if it was left to decompose naturally, by turning it into Biochar it is converted into a stable form of carbon, then when Biochar is applied to the soil it stores the carbon securely in place for potentially thousands of years.

Activated Carbon Applications

Activated carbon is used in a wide variety of industries ranging from the water and air purification, land remediation, food and beverage industries to the beauty and health industries.

Water & Air Purification Industries

Land Remediation

Food & Beverage Industries

Beauty & Health Industries

Activated Carbon Regeneration

In keeping with the company’s sustainability ethos, ACNZ has the technology to regenerate (in most cases) spent activated carbon enabling it to be reused, instead of discarding, which in turn, reduces the global footprint of your company by eliminating the need to import carbon into New Zealand.

Given the current global shipping disruption this process reduces the reliance on importation and provides a seamless supply of high-quality activated carbon.